1. Players cannot:
1.1. Use any type of third-party software (l2walker, l2phx, l2net, hLapex, L2tower, l2adrenaline or any other), that allows automating the game process or overcoming the client's own restrictions.
1.2. Interfere with or alter the exchange of client-server data packets.
1.3. Take advantage of server errors (including geodata flaws).
1.4. Failure to report an event evidently caused by an error in the Game.
1.5. Saturate, abuse, insult or defame in game chats.
1.6. Advertise other projects, servers or web pages, as well as any other service or product not related to
1.7. Buy, sell or trade in-game goods for real money.
1.8. Impersonate in any way the figure of the administrator or GM.

2. Players must:
2.1. Report any BUG to the server administration on the discord.
2.2. Inform the discord, the use of BOTS.
2.3. Fair play.
2.4. Respect other players, the administration and the GMs.
2.5. Report players who violate these rules to management or GM.
2.6. Use exclusively two clients per player.

3. Notices and tips:
3.1. By giving your account to anyone, you assume responsibility for everything that may happen (scam, ban, password change or email). The administration reserves the right to reject the consideration of these claims.
3.2. The administration defines the punishment depending on the severity and repetition of the breach of the rules.
3.3. The use of BOTS or third-party software implies the direct and indefinite ban of the account and all the accounts linked to that IP.
3.4. You are allowed to play with 2 accounts in 1 computer: breaking the rule implies the direct ban of all accounts.
3.5. The administration may change the rules at any time without prior notice.
3.6. Lack of knowledge of these rules does not release the player from his responsibility.