Server Info
Exp/Sp/Drop/Spoil: x2
Adena: x3
Party Exp/Sp: x1.5
Seal Stones: x1.5
Pets: x2
Fishing/Manor: x1

Quest Exp/Sp/Adena: x2
Quest Reward: x1
Quest Item Chance Drop: x2

Safe Enchant: +3
Safe Full Armor: +4
Max Enchant Armor: +12
Max Enchant Weapon: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 55%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 60%

Normal Life StoneSkill Chance 1%
Mid Life StoneSkill Chance 3%
High Life StoneSkill Chance 5%
Top Life StoneSkill Chance 7%

Raid Boss Rates & Settings
Raid Boss Exp/Sp: x2
Raid Boss Chance Drop: x2
Raid Boss Drop: x1
Raid Epic Boss Exp/Sp: x1
Raid Epic Boss Jewel Drop: x1
All the Raid Bosses respawn: 20-24 hours
Subclass raids: Shilen's Messenger Cabrio, Death Lord Hallate, Kernon, Longhorn Golkonda, respawn: 18-20 hours
Noblesse Raid: Flame of Splendor Barakiel, respawn: 18-20 hours
Ant Queen respawn: 24-26 hours
Core respawn: 35-37 hours
Orfen respawn: 35-37 hours
Zaken respawn: 48-50 hours
Frintezza respawn: 48h-50 hours
Baium respawn: 120-122 hours
Antharas respawn: 192-194 hours
Valakas respawn: 264 hours

Class Transfer / Sublcass / Nobless
First Class Fee: 50.000 adena + 2 Festival Adena
Second Class Fee: 1.000.000 adena + 4 Festival Adena
Third Class Fee: 15.000.000 adena + 5.000.000 Ancient Adena + 50 Festival Adena
You can get Festival Adena for free every day just voting!
Sublass: Retail Quest
Nobless: Retail Quest

Buff Slots and Durations
Buffs Slots: 24 + 4 Divine Inspiration
Debuffs Slots: 10
Durations: Retails 20 minutes, Dances/Songs 2 minutes, Others 5 minutes

Game Settings
Client Support: Interlude
Maximum Clients per PC: 1 main + 1 box
Global Chat (!): Disabled until level 25. Delay of 10 seconds between messages
Dualsword Craft Stamp: Available to buy from Merchant of Mammon, cost 4.000.000 Ancient Adena
Cursed Weapons (Zariche/Akamanah): Disabled
Gatekeeper: Free until level 40 (included)
Adventurers' Guide Miss Queen: Apprentice Adventurer's Weapon Exchange Coupon
Seven Signs: Retail
Auto-learn skills: No
Restore Life Skill: Disabled on Grand Boss only
Shift+Click/.dropon the monster shows you its droplist
Items on Ground: Autodeleted in 60 minutes
Spawn protection: 60 seconds
Offline Shop with Auto save/load list
Community Board: Reward Academy Manager, Marketplace to find items for sale/purchase (private store), Drop calculator search tool (item/Npc), Party Matching and more

Security & Protection
Geodata: Flawless (Interlude)
DDOS Protection: Enabled
AntiBot Protection: Captcha
DualBox Protection: Enabled
General Protection: Full Guard Protection

Vote System/center
Automatic Vote Reward System
🕜 Duration 12 Hours
Exp/Sp Increase Rate by +0.5

Available Commands
.vote: Open window to vote for the server
.menu: Open the main menu with all settings
.expon / .expoff: Enable/disable the acquisition of experience
Message/Trade/Party: Enable/disable refuse of request
Sell Buff: Enable/disable customizable private store sell buff
Donation: Automatic donation reward + CB shop (No Pay 2 Win)
Change Password: In-game feature with email Auth-Code
Report: In-game problem report (bug/bot/etc)
Olympiad Status/Rank: Top PvP, Pk, Clans, Online Ranking, Clan Halls, Castles and Olympiad Status
Character Repair: If your character stuck or boot up screen not end