Interlude 2x Retail Server
Beta Opening

Server Configuration

Here you can find all the info about server

  • Dedicate Server Machine
  • 32Gb RAM
  • Intel Core I7
  • 1000mbps Dedicate

Exp/Sp/Drop/Spoil: 2x
Adena: 3x - Chance 85%
Party Exp/Sp: 1.5x
Pets: 2x
Seal Stones/Fishing/Manor: 1x

Quest Exp/Sp/Adena: 2x
Quest Reward: 1x
Quest Item Chance: 2x

Raid Boss Exp/Sp: 2x
Raid Boss Drop: 1x - Chance x3
Raid Boss Respawn Time: 20-24 hours
Queen Ant Respawn: 23-25 hours
Core Respawn: 35-37 hours
Orfen Respawn: 35-37 hours
Zaken Ant Respawn: 48-50 hours
Frintezza Ant Respawn: 48-50hours
Baium Ant Respawn: 120-122 hours
Antharas Ant Respawn: 192-194 hours
Valakas Ant Respawn: 264 hours

Safe Enchant: +3 Full Armor +4
Max Enchant Armor/Jewellery: +12
Max Enchant Weapon +16
Normal Scroll Enchant: 55%
Blessed Scroll Enchant: 60%

Normal Life Stone: 1%
Mid Life Stone: 3%
High Life Stone: 5%
Top Life Stone: 7%

First Class Fee: 50.000 adena + 2 Festival Adena
Second Class Fee: 1.200.000 adena + 8 Festival Adena
Third Class Fee: 15.000.000 adena + 5.000.000 Ancient Adena + 60 Festival Adena

You can get Festival Adena for free every day just voting!

Nobless: Retail Quest

Sublass: Retail Quest
Max Subclass: 3

Buffs Slots: 24 + 4 Divine Inspiration
Debuffs Slots: 10
Buffs: Retail
Durations: Retails 20 minutes, Dances/Songs 2minutes, Others 5 minutes

.menu Shows the following settings:
Exp ON/OFF, AutoLoot ON/OFF, Message, Buff, Trade and Party Refusal
Sell Buff Enable/Disable private selling buffs store.
.vote Open the menu to get vote reward (available every 12h)
.drop Will show you Drop & Spoil List with images and chance

Global Chat: Disabled until level 25. Delay of 10 seconds between messages
Dualsword Craft Stamp: Available to buy from Merchant of Mammon, cost 4.000.000 Ancient Adena
Custom Items: No
Cursed Weapons: Disabled
Gatekeeper: Free until level 40 (included)

Client allowed: 1 main + 1 box
Spawn Protection: 60 seconds
Restore Life Skill: Disabled on Grand Boss only
Items on Ground: Autodeleted in 60 minutes
Geodata: Full Implemented
DDOS Protection: Enabled
AntiBot Protection: Captcha
DualBox Protection: Enabled
General Protection: Full Guard Protection



    wae - PVP: 1 - PK: 0

    TestClassMaster - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    asdfghfj - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    tomas - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    aaa - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    Ale - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    test - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    lollo - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    crafter - PVP: 0 - PK: 0

    Asad - PVP: 0 - PK: 0


    4544 8


To play you just need an Interlude Client + our patch or get the full patche client ready to play
The links will enable on the BETA date


If you don't have it, you can get a clean Interlude Client from here. Remember you need to apply the patch to play!



If you like to have everething ready, just get the Patched Client and you are ready to go!


Vote every 12 hours

Intant Reward in Game


Server 100% NO P2W
Thank you to support us!